Elected Officials and Community Leaders

  • Bill Ramos, Representative, WA 5th Legislative District 

  • Lisa Callan, Representative, WA 5th Legislative District

  • Kathy Lambert, King County Councilmember District 3

  • Gary Francher, Snoqualmie Valley School Board

  • Brenden Elwood, North Bend Councilmember

  • Matt Larson, Mayor, City of Snoqualmie

  • Mary Miller, North Bend Planning Commissioner

  • Dick Ryon, Chair, King Conservation District Board of Supervisors

  • Gary Towe, North Bend Planning Commissioner

  • Scott Greenberg, North Bend Planning Commissioner

  • Mark Correreira, North Bend Parks Commissioner

  • Judy Bilanko, North Bend Parks Commissioner

  • Bud Raisio, Si View Metro Parks Commissioner

  • Susan Kelly, Si View Metro Parks Commissioner 

  • Jim Berger, Carnation Councilmember and former Mayor

  • Dawn Frearson, SVSF Middle School Educator of the Year 2019

  • Anne Barnard Melgaard, SVSF Elementary Educator of the Year 2019

  • Nancy Whitaker, LEO Director and former Encompass Executive Director

  • Gary Schwartz, founder Valley Center Stage

  • Rudy Edwards, SV Public Schools Board President, Retired

Endorsement statement:

I support Rob McFarland for Mayor of North Bend not because he wants the job; but because he can DO the job!


Rob understands the heartbeat of our community.  How we are yearning for stability as we grow towards our future and not the lurching of seemingly unplanned growth.


He knows the lingo of the “building industry” and the “civil planning” commission, having occupied decisive positions in Public Service as Chair of the North Bend Planning Commission and alternatively as a residential builder.


Rob McFarland is no one’s fool.  He is everyone’s champion when skill is required to see what doing before it’s too late to get the doing done.... he knows the City of North Bend needs to have a solid grip on a long term (a very long term) source of water before any of our lofty growth plans can prevail.


McFarland knows how to form a collective among North Bend & Regional decision-makers (you & me) before jumping into the deep end.


Rob McFarland is honest, and a decision-maker.  I support ROB MCFARLAND for Mayor of North Bend.

Dick Ryon, KCD Chair, Board of Supervisors

Endorsement statement:

Way to go Rob McFarland for stepping up to run for Mayor of North Bend. Great person I served with on the Planning Commission and know him to listen, be thoughtful, calm demeanor, and make careful decisions with sound judgement. I think he will make a great Mayor and be able to work successfully with the staff and the Council.


Gary Fancher, Snoqualmie Valley School Board 

Neighbors and Friends

  • Dan and Cindi Heffernan

  • Cindy and Jim Walker, North Bend

  • Jane-Ellen and Winfred Seymour

  • Joy and Donnie Bartell

  • Marie and Mark Joy

  • Flavia and Jorge Pereira

  • Alyssa Pereira

  • Carolyn Day

  • Jill and Scott Massengill

  • Gian Franco Bafaro

  • Giordana Bafaro

  • Jonathan and Michelle Pearlstein

  • Mary Cilley Barrett

  • Paul and Cynthia Yarnton

  • Joel and Dory Aune

  • Kevin and Molly Haggerty

  • Susan Kingsbury-Comeau

  • Susan Medina Hankins

  • Helen Trostle

  • Nancy Harlow

  • Joe Bilanko

  • Marie and Mark Joy

  • Meredith and Curtis VonTrapp


And growing . . .

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